Proent feminine gel

For maximum comfort and freshness all throughout the day, Proent feminine gel is a plant-derived cleansing base for daily personal hygiene. It soothes discomfort - irritation, tingling, rashes and protect against infections while preventing their appearance.

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Proent does not contain antiseptic components that will attack and dry out the skin. Its very gentle formula protects the feminine flora and respects the natural balance of the skin and makes it soft and supple.

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Thanks to its ultra-gentle soap-free cleansing base and its physiological pH, Proent delicately cleanses while respecting the sensitivity and the balance of your lady areas.

It has been specially formulated for sensitive skin. Its formula combines:

- three organic floral waters (Damask rose, Roman Camomile and Sage)
- organic essential oils (Tea tree, True lavender)
- organic aloe vera, with soothing, refreshing and hydrating properties

Feel protected

Proent offers everyday protection against discomfort. Its excellent tolerance is noticeable and respected. Totally safe, you can use it everyday and feel confident, fresh and clean.You can use Proent to keep away feminine odors. It eliminates sweat and odor-causing bacteria


Tea tree

This gel also contains tea tree oil, which has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, helping to keep infections at bay.


Аlleviates dry and itchy skin. Chamomile has antibacterial properties, as well, so it helps to unclog pores and prevent blemishes from occurring.


It has strong soothing benefits. Lavender is a powerful anti-irritating agent, as well as being antibacterial and a circulation booster.


Great quality product. Organic, so gentle for the lady parts. Highly recommended.


This product is amazing. Very mild and super refreshing. I like how it calms and cleanses my private skin.